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When should I restock?

Well the easy answer would be “whenever the machine is empty”, but that isn’t always the case. If items have been in there for a long time, they may have passed their sell by date – so it’s best to stay on top of it by calling ProVend.

How will I restock?

Luckily this is a service ProVend offers to our customers. If you feel the stock in the machine is getting low then please get in touch via the contact form, telephone or email. Our ProVend team is ready to help anytime come rain or shine!

What items to restock?

The best thing to do when stocking a vending machine to maximise profits – would be to find out what the people like! For example, if no one in your workplace likes Snickers, then you wouldn’t stock the vending machines with Snickers.

Machines built by human beings they will function correctly if we provide them with a very specific environment. But if that environment is changed, they won’t function at all.

Ralph Merkle